Africa Fashion V&A at the Victoria Albert Museum London

Africa Fashion: Adele Dejak at the Victoria and Albert Museum

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The world is shifting. It’s more in the works of a long-awaited Renaissance. There’s growth into new knowledge and in the search for the old lost ones to create a valuable piece of existence. We’ve witnessed this phenomenon in education, art, business, technology, and human existence. No other place in the world has felt the wave more strongly than Africa, the hub of it all. The Motherland is now getting her moment to shine. With the cultural movement and appreciation getting its early start in the early-mid 50s, unbounded creativity shook up the utopia of the colonial era in fashion, music, the visual arts, and many more. 1st generations of internationally recognized African designers, such as Shade, Alphadi, Bennis, and many others, created a trailblazing pathway for the potential of African presence to be acknowledged.

Africa on the Global Scale.

Such is the case of the Farida Neckpiece, a statement African luxury necklace that made its debut in the African Fashion Exhibition: A Victoria and Albert Initiative this year at Kensington London. Spearheaded by the show’s Curator, Christine Chencinska, African Artists, Designers, and Photographers got an opportunity to showcase their stunning work in a Polaroid from the mid-20th Century to the contemporary modern-day art influence.

Hi, My name is Farida.

As its name stands in Swahili and Arabic, meaning Unique, Farida sealed its significance in the global fashion scene at the V&A African Fashion Scene Exhibition. Designed by world-renowned Jewelry Designer Adele Dejak, the neckpiece symbolizes the strength and allure that African Jewelry and Ornamental Pieces have to contribute to influencing the fashion industry. Together with the Section Cuff piece, they offer fashion enthusiasts a taste of elegance and exorbitance that is African Fashion, as clearly seen in the V&A Jewelry Website Backdrop.

Farida is a stunning collar neckpiece that encompasses the texture of recycled brass, mimicking circular pendants. The drop collar necklace has a symmetrical shape to it in length and width, purposely complementing its design. Its highly flexible and sustainable material correlates to Adele’s business module and The African Fashion Exhibition’s mission of sustainability and innovation.

This is why I’m ‘Hot’.

The pendants carefully hang from the sturdy neck chocker, with each piece connecting in an intertwined nature, forming a strong yet flexible network of roughed-up textures. This ultimately creates a beautiful neckpiece that screams luxury, presence, and strength in a feminine, forward-thinking way pertinent to the African Renaissance. The 318 gm Farida Neckpiece is meticulously handcrafted by the best Made in Kenya Artisans, Craftsmen, and technology, who ensure The Adele Dejak Brand is a household name.

African inspired aluminum statement neckpiece

I Think Your Friend Likes Me.

African Jewelry and Ornamental Designs have received a boost in global recognition and appreciation by the V&A Museum that houses the V&A Shop itself. Having staged several great exhibitions of designers such as Dior, Alexander McQueen and David Bowie, the V&A has made considerable effort to display rich collections of art, design and literature on a global scale.

Farida is expected to leave its mark with its debut and further catapult more of Adele Dejak’s designs to more brand awareness and recognition in forthcoming events. Adele’s previous international collaborations with social conscious and renowned celebrities as well as businesses go to show the potential she and many other Artists across the continent have to offer. The display of Farida is a testament to greatness.

Curator Christine Chencinska and Adele

I’m Hosting a Get Together.

As the world regains its sense of normalcy and social mobility, The African Fashion at the Victoria and Albert, offers an opportunity for art enthusiasts, novices, critics, curators and designers to converge and indulge in All Things African.

With the Exhibit being hosted in the Monumental Victoria and Albert Museum, The African Fashion Exhibition presents itself as a solid art contributor globally. With more exhibitions set to be held on future dates, more new and upcoming artists are set to make their mark on the scene.

The exploration and expansion of the digital world allow Farida and many other designers to grow in their full diversity and richness. Their celebration of all forms of art vanguard to eclecticism also creates an opportunity for collaboration and enthusiasm in the ever-changing art scene.

We’re All in This Together

A renewal of faith, a start of something new, the debut of Farida is a proclamation of grander things to come. As the Founder’s values of innovation, passion, sustainability and empowerment continue to echo, so do the opportunities of influence, diversity and inclusion in the African creativity scene grow. Glass shattering and Renaissance bodies of work will continually fuel the ambition that the African Continent sets to achieve, and we can’t wait.

Are You Ready for the Movement?


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