Africa-Forward: Trip to Wawoto Kacel in Gulu, Uganda

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Adèle recently returned from an inspiring trip to the Wawoto Kacel Cooperative in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

The social arts & crafts cooperative was founded by a group of HIV positive women with the help of Comboni Samaritans and an Italian organisation, Good Samaritan Onlus, in 1997. Wawoto Kacel means ‘walking together’ in Acholi. Most of the members working at the coop are either HIV positive (70%) or physically disabled (13%).

Adèle grew especially attached to Doreen!


Adele Dejak Trip to Wawoto Kacel Porridge-Tie-Dye-Method
The porridge method! (see below for details)
Tie-dye galore!
Some of the Wawoto Kacel team. “They are an incredible team – their hard work and dedication is remarkable.” – Adèle
Adèle with more members of the team

The coop has several divisions/units including:

  • Knitting (they produce uniforms for several schools in the area)
  • Beading (using materials such as recycled paper and Adèle’s favourite, seeds for necklaces)
  • Card making
  • Weaving (making table cloths, blankets etc.)
  • Tie-dye (Some of their methods involve porridge and using African brooms to create brush strokes with porridge on the fabric – very clever!)
  • Tailoring and embroidery

There’s a lot of collaboration in the works, between our team and theirs! Adèle has volunteered to redesign their logo and identity to help the coop strengthen their brand and will also be collaborating with them on a seed jewellery collection. The coop may also be producing a new collection for us in a few months time – a departure from our usual medium. We don’t want to say too much right now … stay tuned for the big reveal!

We will be selling Wawoto Kacel’s tie-dye fabrics in our outlets, starting from next week. For location/contact details, visit our website. You can also buy the coop’s products on their website.

Visit our website for plenty more photos from Adèle’s trip.

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