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“Every piece of signature jewellery tells a story just as every piece of Adele’s armbands tell a story.”

It is yet again another season to let your arms do the talking with the return of yet another fashionable trend; the armbands that are better known as armlets.

Adele for Almaz

Most of us are used to signature jewellery or seeing people with bracelets stacked on their wrists. Somewhat in the realm of accessories, all this is about to change with our handcrafted armbands that are just about to revolutionize the way you define and own your style.

At Adele Dejak, we have a collection of African jewellery pieces that can be worn both as bracelets or armbands depending on one’s arm size. For instance, we have a jewellery piece by the name Margaret that can be worn as an armband. This piece has been re-interrupted to give the multidimensional woman a chic and edgy fashion-forward look, especially when worn with a sleeveless style.


Taking an example of Adele, you’ll always find her upper arm stacked with a signature jewellery piece called Tadita. Just as her rings, she wears her armbands with an unspoken aura, love and adornment, thus boasting a refreshing air of passion. Just as Adele always says, “This life is too short to not be able to stack my arm with my amazing handcrafted armbands. Not only do I stun in them but I get to appreciate African culture.”

Aamito close up 99.9%

P.S Most of our armbands are exclusively handcrafted using Brass and Aluminium, which is a lightweight, strong and never breaks or fade. This makes it easy to wear every day and value forever!

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