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“If it sparkles, if it’s unique quality, if it’s sophisticated, antique, or just pretty, and not to forget, if it’s my brand, well, you better have it,” Adele Dejak, Owner of Adele Dejak The Brand.

Did you know how multidimensional you will look if you added a mini hand-party mix with as many rings as your fingers could possibly accommodate? No single day passes without seeing Adele with a different variety of her own jewellery ring pieces that she proudly stacks on her fingers. She wears them with an unspoken aura, love and adornment, thus boasting a refreshing air of passion whilst wearing her handcrafted pieces.


Adele is always constantly looking for new ideas when it comes to designing her unique quality rings. “I will probably never be satisfied until I have fully flooded the whole market with all my rings, “says Adele. “A big obsession of mine right now is coming up with different designs for my rings with a vision to continue encouraging women to embrace our African culture as the brand is solely founded on an African Luxury brand concept,” continues Adele.


Looking back at all the trips Adele has taken within Africa as well as outside Africa, Adele has become inspired by the different cultures and traditions, women lead. “During my visits, I could see women of all tribes, culture and races rocking their fingers, full of rings. It was way over exaggerated but still sophisticated in a traveled fortune teller way.”


In a nut shell, the beauty of the unique quality wearing a ring is that there are no rules for its design. A woman can simply choose a piece that is simple but with a mix of adornment and sophistication, attaining the feeling of being a multidimensional woman.

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You can find Adele Dejak on Twitter, Instagram and issuu.

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