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Meet Mohammed Abbas (of Purple Vase Photography), a collaborator I have been working with for quite some time now. He was part of the crew that was shooting the recently launched Almaz Collection. He is professional, fun loving and just amazing to work with and team Adele simply loves him. Here are some interesting things you did not know about him:

Photographer Mohammed Abbas - Adele Dejak: Collaborator
A shot from a recent shoot

Birth Stars?
I am a Capricorn

Favorite Hangout spot in Nairobi and Africa?
Nairobi Java House

Favorite food?

Artist/Designer/Photographer you greatly admire.
Rahim Kara

Favorite color?

What would be your alternate career if you were not a photographer?
I would have been a deejay

Photographer Mohammed Abbas - Adele Dejak: Collaborator

If you were to invite someone for dinner dead or alive who would it be and why?
My mum Fatma Mohamed and because we are very close

More of his work can be viewed on his Instagram page.

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