Woman Crush: Michelle Lamy

Woman Crush: Michelle Lamy

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“I don’t have any explanation for the black line I draw on my forehead every single morning! Along with the bracelets, the rings, the earrings…my tattooed fingers, black nails and permanent gold teeth with diamond…Ouf!” says Michelle Lamy.

Here at Adele Dejak, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle’s elegant yet eccentric sense of style. She is, in simple terms REMARKABLE! What seems to leave us intrigued mostly and in wild awe is (obviously) MERELY her bold, brave, unorthodox and eclectic taste in jewelry.

Michele Lamy is revered as one of the fashion industry’s unique, iconic and true eccentrics. She is a powerful and inspiring Visionary to be reckoned with and never lets things put her down. She only looks ahead and moves forward with no regrets, which is everyone’s wish.

Other than being the wife, muse, business and creative partner to one of our favourite designers, Rick Owens, Michelle Lamy is a clothing designer, performer, film producer, cabaret consort and restaurateur.


Algerian by blood, Lamy was born and grew up in France during the Second World War. While in her twenties, she abandoned studies as a defense attorney to do striptease all because she wanted to escape her rich provincial upbringing. In May, 1968 when she was only 24 years of age, she participated in the Paris protests, and in the early seventies she wanted to be Bob Dylan. She had her daughter Scarlet Rouge in her thirties while leaving the Californian dream surrounded by artists and in her forties there was an entrepreneurial era in Los Angeles where she met her husband Rick Owens, who she has been spending and enjoying the rest of her life with.

Michelle Lamy cuts a distinctive silhouette in the fashion circles of Paris,owning to her singular gothic priestess look and gold teeth. Everything about her stands out and takes centre stage wherever she goes from the elegant bindi-like markings on her fore head which she happens to draw first thing in the morning using a black marker as part of her morning routine, her mouthful of glinting, gold front teeth, her henna-stained fingertips stacked with rings, her arms all covered in high statement bracelets to her long elegant inky-black hair.

The inspiration for Lamy’s idiosyncratic appearance lies far in her past: “The first time I went to North Africa, and I was 17 or 18, I saw this woman with all these necklaces and tattoos, I found it so marvellous, so beautiful, how much I was in awe of this.”




And just as Lamy was in awe of the North African woman, Adele was in awe of Lamy the first time she saw her. What other way to celebrate our elegant women crush.

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