VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at our Rogo Collection Photoshoot

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It’s official! We launched our Rogo Collection at Tribal Chic 2012 at Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. It was an amazing night and we’ll be sharing some of the highlights later on this week. If you’re feeling impatient, head on over to our Facebook page for several photos from the night.

For now, we thought we’d treat you with a behind the scenes video from our Rogo Collection Photoshoot. A huge thanks to Marco Ballerini (who shot and cut the video), still photographer Damiano Rossi, models Amito Stacie “Queen” and Sandrah Kim K., stylist Pierra Akwero and last but not least, our crew of Abdul Ddungu Kamanyire, Esther & Vinny.

In case you haven’t seen the finished products from the shoot yet, check out a selection here. More to come soon!

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