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Tips on Caring for your Aluminium, Brass and Leather Accessories

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Every now and again, we get questions from our customers about how to best take care of their cherished fashion accessories. Here’s what we recommend when it comes to keeping your aluminium, brass and leather beauties looking as good as the day you fell in love with them!


Brass items can get dull and lose their shiny look. You can find different brands of brass polish in most supermarkets. One such brand is called Brasso and comes in liquid form. Put some polish on a piece of cloth or cotton wool and gently rub it on the brass item until you see the shine restored. The piece of cloth/cotton wool will turn black due to the reaction. Let the item sit for about 5 minutes and then take another clean cloth or some more cotton wool and wipe away all the polish. It should look brand new!


Aluminium doesn’t tend to get as dull as brass. You can buy silver polish from the supermarket and follow the same process as described above for brass.


Leather is very easy to clean and maintain (and often gets more wonderful with age). It does not require washing, simply some conditioning every now and again. Use neutral leather polish and apply it on the leather with a piece of cloth or cotton wool. The polish is usually in paste form and it dries up quickly. Once dry, it should not mess up your clothes if you carry it against what you are wearing.

Have you discovered other ways to keep aluminium, brass and leather in good shape?

We’d love to hear your tips on how you care for your fashion accessories!

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