Nature's Abstract Art: Horn

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You can tell from glancing at our collection that Adele is a huge fan of horn. The love affair began in 2005 when Adele arrived in Kenya. Always intrigued by the abstract ‘art’ that is apparent in nature, she was fascinated by the uniqueness of each piece of horn.

In the interests of being conscious of the impact our business has on our environment, the Adele Dejak brand now works primarily with reclaimed Ankole cow horn (as well as hide, brass, ostrich egg shells, Teak wood, Mugavu wood and Bakuba cloth). We use only the best horn and each piece goes through strict quality control assessing attributes such as strength, colour and pattern.

Image above: The Ankole cow horn arrives at the workshop in its raw form.

It is then transformed by the artisans.

Making Horn Jewellery Adele Dejak Workshop
The process can be quite labour intensive and requires specialist knowledge regarding operating machinery.

Horn Bracelets by Adele Dejak
The final products include cuffs and bracelets …

Horn Ring by Adele Dejak
… rings

Horn Ring with Bead by Adele Dejak
(who doesn’t love a touch of embellishment?)

Horn Necklace by Adele Dejak
… necklaces (as well as earrings and bag fittings).

Horn Jewellery by Adele Dejak
Each piece is made by hand and the care and attention involved is evident in the final beauty of the products.

Apart from our own fantastic team, we work with a wide network of artisans outside our workshop who create parts of our products which are then assembled in-house. The evolution of the Adele Dejak style has been facilitated by a team that adjusts quickly to new materials, collections and challenges. Adele herself works closely with all the artisans to master her knowledge of the limits and flexibility of horn and the other materials that we use.

What are your favourite pieces incorporating horn?

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