#my heart beats Africa & the African renaissance, african design, african vibes,

#my heart beats Africa & the African renaissance, african design, african vibes,

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#my heart beats Africa & the African renaissance, african design, african vibes

ADELE DEJAK launched in April 2015 the #my heart beats Africa campaign. This seeks to empower women and their identity as African warrior women. The main objection of the campaign is to show how beautiful Africa is from different perspectives. Positive vibes and the African renaissance.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.01.26 PM

Africa is at a loss with its own identity. This cannot be more visible than in fashion. African women suffer from an evident schizophrenia: they grow up into African fabrics and traditional wear, only to spend their dreams on what is considered THE fashion. That is, the well known international labels which (beside being undeniably beautiful) also broadcast loud and clear a message of status.

Unfortunately, this happens very often at the detriment of their own roots, as there seems to be no bridge between their African style and what African women may consider proudly to be a more cutting edge fashion.

This is precisely what Adele Dejak is set upon: reinventing African identity & African luxury. Positive African vibes in a way that increasingly African women can feel comfortable and stylish but – at the same time – in tune with their own roots.


Identity is everything and Africa cannot afford to forget about its own, just because a wealthy African women would not feel as proud to walk the streets of New York and Rome. Walking with a distinctly African flair for everyone would admire, rather than identifying simply with a different culture.

That is patently not the case today. And this is the reason why African fashion suffers from heavy limits, as it has not managed to win its own market. African fashion designers mostly dream of imitating foreign trends in order to achieve their dreams of showing their stuff of catwalks in Europe and the US. That is also because they miss an internal African market demanding high class as well as identity.

Adele and Grace, Accounts
Adele Dejak & Bryan, Brand Strategist

Therefore, reinventing African identity with a high class standard is absolutely key to win the war for African women’s hearts and minds. Allowing everyone to rediscover the stunning beauty and perfection of what it is, really, their own natural beauty: their true identity. Something that would come naturally as it would flow from their most natural nature and upbringing.
Something to be worn with great pride, making every other woman notice how much beauty is still untapped in the

African culture.


In the 1920’s – 1930’s, a new generation of European artists (Picasso, Braque, Modigliani, Cezanne, Giacometti, Brancusi, and the likes) changed forever the world of visual arts after being completely taken by the first ever exhibition of African arts in Paris.
One century later, Adele Dejak believes the time has come now to do to fashion what African art has did to the world then.

By launching this campaign, ADELE DEJAK will set out a bold new vision for the brand. The #my heart beats Africa campaign will provide women with the opportunity to celebrate their identity and enjoy the fashion brand simultaneously. www.adeledejak.com

Below are the amazing images by Mohammed Abbas for the campaign. Rosemary Kimani and Anjili Laura were the models.

The concept for the fashion shoot was to use animal prints which have an immediate visual link to Africa. A limited edition collection Wanyama wa porini/animal prints, was made from 3 best sellers.

ADE_8466 copy
Photot: Mohammed Abbas Model: Rosemary Kimani Creative Direction assitant: Bryan Emry

ADE_8472 copy 2ADE_8510

These images are so African vibes and we are proud to be part of the African Renaissance

ADE_8478 copy 3IMAGE3

We are the: african renaissance, african design, african vibes,


IMAGE1 copy

The launch at our Nairobi flagship store at the Village Market was a huge success and lots fun. TV, newspapers and influential bloggers and stylists attended. We were the talk of the Nairobi fashion scene!

Check out the photos below by Nick Klaus of the star studded event *_*

From left : Wanjiku of TDS, musician Patricia Kihoro, Fashion designer Friyal Nur, Fashion stylist Charity Odupoyo and Fashion designer Katungulu Mwendwa.
Team Adele Dejak loves the bold, eccentric tattoo on Healthy Woman Magazine Writer Natalie Kimani.
The ever jovial Anto Neosoul
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Lucia Musau and TV Presenter Micheal Makori
Patricia Amira and Adele Dejak having a good kodak moment
Fashion Stylist Annabel Onyango and Adele Dejak decked in #black & #animal prints
Fashion stylist Annabel Onyango looking good in black
Fashion Stylists Annabel Onyango and Charity Odupoy having a good time.
Lifestyle Blogger Lyra Aoko looking good in Adele Dejak accessories.
Photographer Joseph Baraza and Musician Patricia Kihoro
Limited edition #animal print bag
The bold Mali chocker on display.
The bold fashion stylist Charity Odupoy
Fashion stylist Charity Odupoy, Musician Willis Austin and Annabel Onyango having a good time at the launch sharing a few jokes.

Check out more fun photos from the launch on our Facebook page here

The team and Adele are so excited about this campaign and we look forward to having a great team of artists, photographers & designers on board.

Thanks everyone for all your support.

Check out our video here.

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