Get Your Hands on Adele Dejak

Get your hands on Adele Dejak

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We’ve been quite busy at work and have launched a number of collections that you’ll die to get your hands on. Here’s just but to mention a few of the recent ones:

Cloud 9

website kobo
Get Your Hands on Adele Dejak – some pieces from the recently launched KOBO Line

It’s Christmas and one of our pieces (or more) could be the answer to that ultimate gift you are looking to get your loved one. Do you live in Kenya or will you be visiting soon? Find us at the following locations:

Adele Dejak/MagikGrace Showroom & Sales Office, Nairobi
Mushroom road off Kiambu Road
+254(0)737 253 862

Village Market, Nairobi


1st Floor Next to Mac cosmetic Shop
+254(0)714 946 266
+254(0)787 407 814


You can also visit our stockists.

Don’t live in Kenya and not visiting any time soon? Not to worry. You can order directly from our online shop here.

You may also chose to follow the following steps to order from abroad (works effectively for large orders):

  1. Get in touch to request a catalogue from our website.
    Alternatively, get in touch with Bryan (bryan adeledejak com) or Rasoah (rasoah adeledejak com) or Esther ( esther adeledejak com) or Grace ( grace adeledejak com)
  2. We’ll send you a catalogue
  3. Let us know what you designs you want
  4. Make the necessary payment via direct bank transfer
  5. We’ll ship your item

Christmas is almost here. Make sure you do not miss any of our posts to see what we have in store for you this festive season.

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