Freedom through Fashion: Inspiration and Tips on Liberating your Style

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Adele Dejak Freedom-through-Fashion Liberating Your Style Lady Gaga
Top: Grace Jones. Above: Lady Gaga
Adele Dejak Freedom-through-Fashion Liberating Your Style Skin
Adele Dejak Freedom-through-Fashion Liberating Your Style Jessie J
Jessie J

Happy Madaraka Day everybody! For our readers outside Kenya, Madaraka Day (June 1st) commemorates the day that Kenya attained self-rule in 1963, preceding full independence from the UK (on 12 December 1963).

In the spirit of freedom, we wanted to celebrate women who fearlessly own their style. Women who express and exude freedom through fashion.

Want some tips on liberating your style? Here are three to get you started:

1. Say it with accessories
Use accessories to add pizzazz to your outfits. Whether you’re a subtle accents kind of girl, a full-out drama queen or somewhere in between, your choice and combination of accessories can make that statement.

2. There’s no time like the present
Sometimes we save our special outfits or accessories for a “special occasion”. Why not look like a million bucks everyday?! Challenge yourself to designate at least one day a week as your own special occasion, get those gems out of your closet and feel fabulous!

3. Go with your gut
You know what you like. You know what excites you. Let that be your inspiration when you get dressed in the morning. Forget about what’s “in fashion” and forget about what other people expect. Fashion should be fun – revel in the joy of dressing up.


Check out some of the fabulous women (and men) we’d love to adorn for style that exudes confidence and freedom.


Grace Jones images: left, right ; Lady Gaga images ; Skin images: left, right ; Jessie J images: left, right

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