How to Embrace Sustainable Fashion Sustainably

How to Embrace Sustainable Fashion Sustainably

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What do you know about sustainable fashion? A quick google search of the word sustainability and you will notice it has become quite the buzzword in the fashion industry. Consumer buying habits have shifted drastically over the years with immense focus on the contents of products and the effects that they have on both human health and the environment. The realization that it is possible to contribute to a cleaner environment by being more intentional about fashion purchases has led to the advent of sustainable fashion brands and products.

Environmentally conscious consumers are now more informed than ever paying attention to numerous factors including quality, production procedures, distribution and more. All these are needed for a sustainable fashion. Hashtags on social media with eco-friendly, sustainable and all notable catchphrases are insufficient. Brands are required to be transparent to be deemed as truly sustainable. Consumers need to trust that their entire start to finish processes are clean.

To join the sustainable movement, here is our guide on what to look out for.

Look after your clothes and jewellery so they last longer

To keep your pieces in great condition, go the extra mile to take care of your pieces to reduce the need to constantly replace them. Keep an eye for manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and store your pieces or carry out some research for the best care. Better yet take them to a professional if necessary. Keep in mind that how you store your clothes and jewellery could impact how long they last.

The Wear Test

Before making your grand purchase try to think of several ways you can wear this piece. It is important to aim for pieces that are versatile and as such can be styled in a variety of ways for different occasions. Where possible always strive to invest in longevity, as this is consistent with sustainable fashion.

Be in the Know

Knowledge is power. To ensure that a brand aligns with your values do not hesitate to ask questions on anything that is unclear. With most brands being available online now a quick way to get answers is through any social media platforms that the brand is mostly active on. Lean more towards brands that are transparent about their materials, sourcing and production process. Another great way to find information is through referrals and reviews for great insight from someone who has experienced the brand’s products first-hand.

All Year-round Clothing

Depending on the weather where you live carefully invest in clothing that can comfortably be worn throughout the year. Reduce your carbon footprint by spending money on items you can wear all year round. That’s also sustainable fashion.

Quality Vs Quantity

It may be wiser to save up and invest in pieces that are more expensive if it means that they are part of your sustainable fashion and will last longer. This applies for both jewellery and clothing. It also drastically reduces your carbon footprint and scores a bonus point for being a great financial decision as you ultimately save money and end up paying less when you don’t have to make the same purchase every couple of months or every year.

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