Collection Recollection - ÀMI

Collection Recollection - ÀMI

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Meet some exciting fashion accessories. ÀMI is a bold collection of afrominimalist jewelry produced in collaboration with Nigeria’s Afrominima. It was launched in January in Paris at Luxury Connect Africa.

The collection draws inspiration from the African tradition of strength and evolution. ÀMI is the Yoruba word for symbol. Each piece in this collection of amazing fashion accessories tells a piece the
African renaissance story; each piece is part of a narrative of Courage, Strength, Hope,
Pride and Prosperity.

To wear ÀMI is to wear Africa.

The clean, minimal feel of the collection is the effortless blend of Adele Dejak’s luxurious
aesthetic and Afrominima’s philosophy. Afrominima is compounded from ‘Afrocentric Minimalism.’ The movement is about design, ethos, philosophy, lifestyle and African culture.

Through minimalist design, they reference past and present culture to inform African futures. Their creed ‘Less is Afro’ reflects both current culture as well as Africa’s minimalist future. Here is a list of some amazing must-have fashion accessories.

The Aduke

The Aduke neckpiece negates the idea that minimalism is quiet. This statement piece speaks to boldness and to momentousness. It’s for the big moments in life, the truly exceptional and important ones.

The Anjiola

The Anjiola speaks to the joy of singularity, exactness and precision. This neckpiece is about concentrated thought and expression which is why it’s the most intense.

The Arewa

The Arewa neckpiece is symbolic of unity. It’s the coming together of design and cultural elements, the togetherness of imagination and reality.

The Abike

The Abike signifies the strength and grace in symmetry and completeness. It responds to our innate desire for meaning, clarity and balance.

The Ayoka

The Ayoka is feminine, sensual and seductive. This neckpiece is about the discovery of self and sense. Because of it’s essence and concept, it’s the most desirous and adventurous of all.

The Ademide

The Ademide alludes to magic, mysticism and spirituality. It makes us explore the unkown, the inconceivable and the absolute dark in confidence that we can emerge into light and beauty.

Shop the Ami Collection from our online store and follow us on Instagram for more.

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