Adele Dejak team members wearing Adele Dejak handmade African inspired recycled brass bold statement jewellery pieces.

Celebrating the A team!

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Designers have over the years been launching collection after collection of incredible pieces. For years now, our clients have been enjoying these amazing pieces. However, most of them are not aware of the artisans that bring the amazing designs to life.

The men and women who work behind the scenes to assemble and polish these products to the beautiful end products deserve as much recognition. At AD, we take immense pride in the work that our artisans put in. AD has a team of five full time artisans who work on production. In addition, there are three management staff who deal with operations, admin and sales.

Our artisanal team comprises of Brian, Dennis and James. These three gentlemen have over the years perfected their skill and can produce any designs with much ease. Our tailoring and beadwork sections are handled by Tina and Edna. They stitch and assemble all the fabulous bags and accessories that you elegantly rock. This is the team behind our sustainable fashion.

Our director and lead designer Adele Dejak has been the number one mentor. With her guidance of this team has seen a number of collections come to life. The management team also plays a key role in the business. Under the stewardship of Mary the operations manager, Kanini the production manager and Maryann the production assistant, they have been instrumental in post-production work.

At the moment, this amazing team is working on a capsule collection, Malaika which you will see borrows a lot of inspiration from our past collections. The new collection is already in production and the team can’t hide their excitement about releasing it to the market locally and across borders. Our works are compliant with UN SDGs.

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