Back to Black: In Memory of Amy Winehouse

Posted by Mary Bosibori on

It’s been a whole year since the world lost an irreplaceable talent. In memory of Amy Winehouse, a star we’d have loved to adorn, a collection of accessories in the colour black.


Adele-Dejak-Afri-Love-Zainabu-Leather-Bag-Black-Amy-Winehouse-MemoryAll designs shown here are available in our online shop. Images, clockwise from top-left: Rogo Ro-Mwavuli Sexy Ring in Dark Horn; Rogo Ro-Slim Bracelets in Dark Horn (available to purchase individually or as a set of 5); Rogo Ro-Franca Cuff Bracelet in Dark Horn; Afri-Love Zainabu Leather Bag in Black; Rogo Ro-Pippa Bracelet in Black Horn. Amy Winehouse image via Mod Impulse

Amy Winehouse bags black bracelets Category_Our World cuffs in memory love to adorn music rings

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