The art of Michael Soi: in A Chat about Creatives in Africa

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Michael Soi may need no introduction to art fans in Nairobi. Michael is an artist with a unique expertise. He began his career as a sculptor and subsequently refined his own visual and artistic vocabulary over the years. Working from his studio at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, Michael has participated in numerous artist workshops, and exhibited widely both locally and internationally.
Art on the wall
Art on the wall

We recently caught up with him at the GoDown Centre where he was exhibiting his newest series called ’The Women in My Life’. The show was a tribute to publicly recognize the women in his life. We were down at the centre having an interview with a South African TV station called Kwese TV.

Behind the scenes shooting for Kwese TV
Behind the scenes shooting for Kwese TV

We got to have a deep chat with Soi about both our experiences as creatives/artists in Africa, and found out we have quite similar experiences even though ideally, we are in different genres.

One of Michaels popular tote bags
Michaels popular tote bags

We love Michael Soi for his extremely unique expertise and obviously amazing art work, his practice of ethical fashion and his feminist ideals.

Till next time, Keep it AD.

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