Amanda Jeneby

Amanda Jeneby

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In the busy month of June, we hosted a fashion designing intern here at the Adele Dejak headquarters in Kiambu. Her name is Amanda Jeneby and she stayed with us for the month designing a capsule collection in collaboration with our creative director Adele.

Amanda is from the London College of Fashion and was an enthusiastic member of the team for the short while that she was with us.

We sat down to ask her a few questions about her time here:

AD: Tell us about your experience here with us this past month

Amanda: I have had an amazing experience at Adele Dejak and in Nairobi. I have learnt a lot of new things about fashion designing and it’s hard for me to summarise it all in a few sentences… But Adele Dejak and her amazing team took me under their wings and made me feel at home from the first day and it has been nothing but amazing since. So much inspiration and we were able to create a great collection together just within a few weeks, creativity was flowing!


AD: Why did you choose Adele Dejak to work with?

Amanda:I had seen the jewellery online and loved it, mixing African and western design has always spoken to me so I crossed my fingers and contacted the team.

AD: What was your biggest hassle in creating the collection?

Amanda: I think something I noticed during the process of designing was the lack of readily available materials. Don’t get me wrong Nairobi has a lot to offer but if something is unavailable, it’s a hassle to source it.


AD: Tell us about your creative process

Amanda: I like playing around with different materials, see something, scribble a bit and develop it from there. I also always keep my eyes open and try to get inspiration from my everyday surroundings. Which has been one of the greatest thing about being here, inspiration is everywhere!

AD: How would you describe your fashion designing aesthetic?

Amanda: I wouldn’t say I am completely set to a certain kind of aesthetic but geometrical shapes is a common trend in my aesthetic, with a touch of African flavour.


AD: What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

Amanda: I love the mismatching earrings. There are a few in the collection, simple with a little twist! (look out for these fun earrings soon!


It was a pleasure hosting Amanda and we wish her all the best in her fashion designing endeavours.

Stay tuned for details about the Capsule collection launch!

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