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Gakunju Kaigwa is a renowned Kenyan sculptor who has made significant impact in the art world. Born in the town of Kiambu, near Nairobi in 1958, Kaigwa developed an early interest in art.
 After completing his studies, with a Master’s degree in public art from the University of Dundee in Scotland Kaigwa returned to Kenya and began his career as a sculptor, creating pieces that were inspired by the traditional African art forms and incorporating modern techniques and materials. His works often featured human and animal figures that were carved in wood or cast in bronze, with intricate detailing and textures that reflected the rich cultural heritage of Kenya.
 Kaigwa's works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the National Museum of Kenya, the Nairobi Gallery, and the British Museum in London.
 Kaigwa's contributions to the field of African art were widely recognized, and he was awarded the Order of the Burning Spear, one of Kenya's highest honors, in 1992. He continues to inspire young artists in Kenya and beyond, and his works remain highly sought-after by collectors and art enthusiasts.
Adele commissions Kaigwa to create Jacky sculpture.
Why Jacky?
Jacky  is the name of the model that agreed to sit the whole day at Kiawga's studio at the  'Go Down' Art studios in Nairobi to create this beautiful work of art. It was a monumental task finding a model who would agree to take up the task.
 Why? you may ask,
It was such a difficult task to find a model who would be up for the task, Adele could not find a single model that would agree posing to do this, it was something rather unconventional especially in that time and age, most  thought of it as  pornography and not as art for body adornment .After a long search and lots of convincing Adele finally found a lovely kind model called Jacky.
A day was agreed on, and the work began, Kiawga began by wrapping her in cling film, then followed by plaster of Paris, they then let the cast dry. After a few hours, the cast was removed and voila! her body was cast and a mold made for the signature AD Jacky sculpture. We were all extremely ecstatic at the results.
We found out about a month later from Kiawga once he did the big reveal to Adele that Jacky was 6 months pregnant during the work, Adele was flabbergasted. She had no idea.
Team AD are grateful to Jacky and Kiawga for being a dream to work with and seeing the bigger picture. We have since made so many of these Jacky sculptures, in raisin, paper Mache and lots more.
Jacky sculptures are used to display our jewellery pieces at popups as well as in out studio and showroom.
Did you know that we also sell these by order only?
We love our Jacky Sculpture and it's become our signature art work to display wearable art.
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