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A short history about the brand (see pictures).

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With a passion for fashion designing, it is clear that Adele Dejak’s passion was in Fashion and not law. Back then, her fellow law students used to mistook her for an arts student in her psychedelic outfits.

Born in Nigeria and raised in England, Adele moved to Kenya with her husband and got to design for herself a necklace that she was to wear for a dinner party. The unexpected positive response she received led her to consider taking her artistic vision seriously.


The flagship MagikGrace which was later re-branded to Adele Dejak has since then expanded to an outlet at the Village Market as well as a showroom at Kiambu. This was just but a test to see how her fashion designing products would be received as the idea was inspired by the wonder and the spectacular and “Grace,” in homage to Adele’s mother, Grace, who passed away in 2002.

Showroom in Kiambu

Adele ushered in 2010 by opening her main workshop and showroom, along Kiambu Road. Since, she has also opened a boutique in Nairobi’s Westgate mall.

Showroom in Kiambu

It’s been a busy few years and the entire team is very thankful to all our customers, fans, supporters, friends and family.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!

To shop for the Brand, Visit us Today at the Village Market Store, At the Kiambu showroom or To Shop Online:

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