A Marriage of Style and Substance: Adèle Dejak's New Collection – The Rogo Collection

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Adele-Dejak-Rogo-Collection-bag-jewellery-wax-print-hornOn the 5th of May, 2012, the new Adèle Dejak collection – the Rogo collection – will be officially unveiled to the world at the annual Tribal Chic fashion show at Nairobi’s Tribe Hotel. The collection that we’ve been talking about for a while, and sharing with you work in progress, is finally almost here!

The Rogo Collection encapsulates Adèle’s vision where style and substance effortlessly go together. It is a collection that encourages women to be unapologetic in embracing and celebrating their multidimensional nature.


The collection features jewellery, bags and belts made from materials including recycled aluminium, recycled brass, recycled denim, leather, horn, Kuba cloth and wax print fabric. Exclusively handmade, the designs reinterpret traditional African handicraft and incorporate modern Western influences, reflecting Adèle’s heritage and experience.

All pieces are made by skilled local artisans at the Adèle Dejak workshop in Nairobi, Kenya and expert craftspeople from around East Africa.


All in a name

The name was inspired by Elizabeth and Janice Rogo, two lovely ladies and serious fashionistas who love African jewellery and accessories. They have become great ambassadors of our work, in Kenya and overseas, since discovering our Westgate boutique last year. We’re happy to honour them by launching this new collection in their name.

A little bit fishy

The ‘Samaki’ fish skin bag

The collection features fish armbands, bracelets, pendants, necklaces as well as a show-stopping fish skin bag which is available by special order only. A few years ago, Prada had a wonderful collection with fish silhouettes on dresses and skirts. Adèle loved the shapes and mulled over how she might incorporate fish in her own designs. When she moved to Kampala, where fish is a major part of the local diet, she was reminded of the idea. (The images you see here were inspired by the sights at Kampala’s Ggaba fish market – look out for more on this next week.)

Home and away

Our Nairobi fans will be able to enjoy launch events and see the Rogo designs in person, throughout the weekend from 4th-6th May at our Village Market and Westgate outlets. Our international fans will be able to partake when our online shop opens in the next few weeks. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on both of these highlights! Stay tuned to the blog for more pictures of jewellery, bags and belts from the Rogo Collection as well as the inspiration behind the photoshoot.


Thanks to our beautiful Ugandan models, Queen and Sandra, make-up artist & stylist Pierra Akwero and last but definitely not least, photographer Damiano Rossi.

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