Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring
Busu Spice Ring

Busu Spice Ring

Size Small
Finish Brass

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The Busu Ring draws inspiration from the mesmerizing geometric patterns found in various African cultures. Each ring is a harmonious blend of square and round motifs, meticulously crafted to reflect the diversity and beauty of the African continent. These patterns are not just visually striking; they carry the stories and heritage of Africa's vibrant communities.

Weight: 9gms

Length: 6.8cm

Size USA: Small 6.5, Medium 7.5, Large 8.5





Hand-crafted by skilled artisans
in and around Nairobi

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