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The top African jewellery designers are now adding more spice into the latest outfit designs! We all want a stylish, elegant appearance, one that gives us the freedom and the uniqueness we desire. Well, Adele Dejak, one of the best African-based jewellery stores, now provides you with better options on this plus a few more new concepts on African jewellery fashion. The store offers African’s top Renaissance fashion accessories for men and womensuiting multiple occasions. They are 100% fluid jewels and bags.

Make an entrance with Adele Dejak stunning jewellery
fashion jewellery thats handmade in Kenya

At Adele, our prime focus rests on custom products for the modern warrior woman and sophisticated dressing experiences. Our 12 years in African adornment and jewels fashion, has made us experts, and we always, therefore, want to pass that down to the rest. Today, let’s share with you the nitty-gritty on how to pull the best from African body adornment/jewels.

Wear neck jewellery

The artistry in Adele’s neck jewels goes beyond better comparison whatsoever. We use quality, hypoallergic metal materials, and ultimately unique designs to come up with our entire neckwear collection. The best neck jewelry for men here include products such as Lisimba Handmade Brass Choker. It appears more casual, therefore, making it a perfect blend for most casual outfits. Jeans and a t-shirt, for instance, would pretty match its make.

– Lisimba Handmade Brass Choker

For ladies, you might want to checkout, Faridah Statement Brass Neckpieceor Celestine Brass Long Neckpiece. However, for something simpler, one that will offer you both uniqueness and beauty is Mot Handmade Brass Choker will be an ideal choice.

Wear earrings – African Jewellery

Another way to add an edgy vibe to your outfits is to try our single or double earrings. These are quality designs for every woman who loves African-inspired jewels fashion. While earrings have been there in African jewellery history, ours are game-changers – they display excellent conformity to your facial outline. Therefore, if you are looking for ethical fashion accessories here we have a perfect selection for you.

Single earrings, though not an entirely new concept, our African Jewellery designers always ensure a positive difference in every trend reoccurrence. Momentarily, we have a decent collection you might want to consider from our fashion house. Click find your best choice.

Note: Our earrings match both official and casual events. You might therefore want to look through our collection to find your most suitable design for a particular occasion.

Embrace African jewellery bracelets

With African Jewelry, there is great beauty in the hands too. Our jewellery store has lots of artistically hand-crafted bracelets that give the confidence that goes with various outfits. Brass is our main material for these products; hence they never rust not easily break.

Our bracelets are wearable to any event, casual or official. Fastar Handmade Brass Horn Bracelet, for instance, is one of our head-turner bracelets for women you can wear to the office or adventure. The magnificent design is unique make from cow horn and brass. The product’s make, therefore, allures irresistible admiration from anyone who sees it on your hand.


Do you want to dress smartly? Wear our African rings. These are statement products curtailed for a glorified look. Adele rings come from recycled brass material. We produce them in a series of safety treatments and polishing to achieve their indisputable quality for a better appearance. Why therefore not style up in our exemplary fashion?

Most of Adele’s rings always complement what you wear, and that is a significant plus. From work, therefore, you can indulge in home interactions with them on your fingers. Simple or sophisticated, we have all the possible variety of designs that may interest you. They are sustainable fashion accessories.

African Jewellery By Adele Dejak Rings
Handmade rings in Nairobi Kenya

Ready to indulge in the beauty of African Jewellery?

Say yes, therefore, and experience a whole new overseas fashion that exhaustively complements your typical outlook. Adele is a go-to African jewellery/jewels fashion designer and supplier if that call on your interest. We provide worldwide shipping. Reach us today for more insights into our wonderful collection.

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