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A lot has happened in the past few months! We thought it would be good to catch up on what has been happening at our fashion house this fashion week. Other major events that have got us excited and reeved up this year. Despite the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic looming over us.

Here are some highlights of the year.

Covid – 19 Updates: Catching up on 2020 Newsletter

The jewellery industry has faced a huge negative impact suffering greatly like many other sectors as a result of the pandemic. The Government announcement of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, meant the temporary closure of many businesses. As a sustainable brand, we had to adhere to the Government set measures and provisionally closed our workshop to safeguard our employees and meet Covid guidelines.

Adele Dejak had so many plans for 2020, including the launch of a new collection, but those plans had to be postponed. Fortunately, we resumed operation at the beginning of July this year. Covid has meant looking at our business from a different lens, not taking things for granted, and being receptive to new ways of working.

The lockdown and restrictions gave us the space to reboot and look at new opportunities, adapting and developing new and different approaches.

It taught us the importance of flexibility and realigning our priorities; and in addition, we had to shift all our operations online. Thankfully, we are back in business and happy to serve you.


Adele Gets Featured in “My Power” (The latest song by Beyonce)

Another major highlight this year was when Adele received an invitation from Beyonce’s stylists to showcase and feature her jewellery as part of Beyonce’s video song “My Power”.

They asked us in 2019 to send them bold and eclectic pieces from our collection. Most of pieces sent included necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The Afrika comb necklace with gold leaf applique and brass chain, and the Margaret Aluminium statement bracelet combined with the Dhamani Kanini bracelet were amongst the pieces that Beyonce wore.

Team AD is so grateful to Beyonce and Team Black Parade.

beyonce-black-is-king-gold-leaf-comb-gold-afrika-adele-dejak-black_parade (2)
Beyonce Wood + 24kt gold leaf appliqué

CNN Africa Avant-Garde Interview

On August 26th, Adele was interviewed for the CNN Africa Avant-Garde series by CNN’s team Nike Migwi and Carol Kioko. The interview took place in her home and she was able to share

the challenges the brand has faced and the new opportunities that have presented themselves during the pandemic.

Adele discussed how the brand has managed to adapt, yet stay focused and steadfast to the Adele Dejak vision; and the principles of the African Renaissance Movement by taking pride in your individual African heritage and culture.

Catching up on 2020 Newsletter

Adele-Dejak-cnn-africa-interview-kenya-nanyuki-nairobi-lifestyle-fashion-report-news-luxury-success-discussion-covid-blm-pandemic-accessories-premium-behind-scenes-exclusive-beyonce (1)
Catching up on 2020 Newsletter: CNN Interview

Launch of the Hope Collection + AMI II COLLECTIONS

We are excited to announce the upcoming new Hope Collection.

This is our third collection after the Faith and Love collections.

Faith cannot work without Love and Hope. This new collection is about tying and consolidating the three themes together to demonstrate African resilience and doggedness even in these Covid times.

Hope is the desire and expectation for something to happen. It is a creative interpretation of what things we believe in and anticipates as a brand. The collection slots for launch before the end of this year. Watch out for the launch date!

Below are pieces from the hugely successful AMI I collection

Catching up on 2020 Newsletter: African Jewellery

HOPE is the new black

Final Thoughts on Catching up on 2020 Newsletter

Regardless of the major challenges and the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe it is still important to keep Hope alive.

The coronavirus may have caused anxiety and confusion to many, but we believe that the ‘Hope Collection’ will foster a sense of togetherness and remind us of the essential lessons learned during the pandemic. We believe the sense of Hope and Faith will help us to recover from the ongoing health crisis.

Although it is difficult to predict what will happen next, we can only draw on our experiences in the past 8 months and see them as an opportunity to strengthen our brand and create more sustainable and accessible collections. It is business as usual!

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