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Africa’s most fabulous fashion designers > BEYONCÉ, ZENDAYA, TRACE ELLIS ROSS AND MUMBI MAINA – THE CELEBRITIES ROCKING PIECES BY AFRICAN DESIGNERS FEATURED ON FASHIONOMICS AFRICA. We are extremely proud of our Fashionomics Africa marketplace. All the carefully curated products from some of Africa’s most fabulous designers available with just one click. Can you blame us? Just take a look at the fantastic selection of beautiful dresses made from quality materials. These feature traditional African prints, bead or knit work by the likes of Moshions, Ara Emporium or Styletech by Teshie; the stylish handbags by Koko by Khakasa or N’Intoki; the incredibly cool and comfortable shoes made by the Ethiopian brand Enzi – how could we not burst with pride over such incredible choices?

The African fashion designers we work with and feature motivate us to keep on pushing beyond international boundaries. They keep us inspired with their amazing sense of creativity, craftmanship and ambition. It has and continues to be a treat to watch them grow as brands and succeed in all their endeavours.

We celebrate every repost they get from social media’s biggest influencers, applaud every new collection. They release and stand in awe of the socio-political causes they contribute to through innovative ideas and campaigns.

So, you can only imagine the festivities around the office when we see that one of our beloved designers is featured in high profile pop culture outlets – i.e. via celebrities gracing the covers of renowned fashion magazines, dancing through the music videos of world-famous artists or actors on popular Netflix shows, all sporting their products. Let us tell you – it’s lit, albeit currently on Zoom.

In case you’ve missed some of these amazing accomplishments – or weren’t yet aware of these fashion designers being available via our marketplace or having been featured on our blog. We wanted to give these designers a big shoutout by highlighting these success stories for you!

beautiful handmade jewellery in Nairobi Kenya
moshions African style and fashion

Adele Dejak – Featured in Beyoncé’s Black is King, and Netflix’s Sense8

Born in Nigeria to a Nigerian mother and a British father, Adele Dejak developed a love for African culture and art at an early age, and this can be felt in her beautiful jewellery creations. “I usually begin with research on shapes and textiles from photos, artwork, books and magazines on African tribes. I then draft sketches and working very closely with my team, we develop the ideas into the designs they are today. I try to ensure that at least 99% of the materials I use are recycled. I am big on maintaining a sustainable business that looks after its environment.

I also appreciate turning what some see as waste into something refined and beautiful,” Adele told Fashionomics Africa in an exclusive interview earlier this year.

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show Sense8, created and directed by the directorial geniuses that are the Wachowskis, you may have taken a real shine to the character of Zakia Asalache (Mumbi Maina). Not just for being an intriguing, powerful and extremely loveable character on this spectacular show, but for her undeniable sense of fashion and style. It’s no wonder you were so hypnotised by her eye-catching earrings: they were made by Adele Dejak.

And that’s not the only pop culture outlet she was featured in. AD’s Kenyan wooden comb with gold leaf applique pendant on a brass chain was recently featured on Beyoncé’s Black is King, the artist’s musical film and visual album which was released on the Disney Channel earlier this summer. Beyoncé is also seen wearing Adele Dejak’s creation in the video to My Power, and the brand has been featured on the artist’s Black Parade, which spotlights black-owned and African businesses.

Jewellery addict and arm swag handmade bracelet for the modern warrior woman

Africa’s most fabulous designers > Hanifa – Featured on the Cover of Elle USA, worn by Tracee Ellis Ross, and InStyle worn by Zendaya

In establishing the Hanifa brand, Anifa Mvuemba has always followed a clear intention: to create clothing for Women without Limits.

“I never want to create in a way that is expected of me or feel as though I can’t do something outside of what I’ve envisioned for myself or my brand. I genuinely believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. I want all women to believe in themselves too. Honestly, I just do my own thing.

There was a time, of course, when I just wanted to belong. I never felt like I was a part of the industry in the same way the people I looked up to were. But I found community among my customers and I always vowed to create for them. Our sizing, colours, styling and cuts will always reflect them.

To this day I feel most seen when our customers feel seen,” she told Fashionomics Africa shortly after releasing her Pink Label Congo collection via a virtual fashion show that had the industry a-buzzing.

“I wanted to showcase African fashion in an innovative way by emphasizing the tailoring and cuts of our clothing rather than using the traditional prints.

Although our prints are beautiful and rich in culture, I wanted to show the vastness of our impact on the fashion industry by honouring the structured looks originating from African seamstresses,” she explained.

The Pink Label Congo collection’s Kinshasa dress is a wonderful example of said richness in colour and in culture, and both Euphoria star, Zendaya, and Tracee Ellis Ross from Blackish, were spotted wearing it on the covers of Elle USA and InStyle, respectively. Naturally, we all own copies of these magazine editions – #superproud!


Africa’s most fabulous designers, WE SALUTE YOU!

face masks handmade in Africa > combat Covid 19

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