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African fashion brand Adele Dejak has added to its catalog a crisp collection of post-pandemic fashion creations with modern styling dubbed Malaika. It is simply an assortment of versatile and sophisticated pieces beautifully crafted with love by our AD team.

Set to shine a rare glimmer in a new era of hope, Malaika capsule features an array of precious eco-products for your eco-conscious appetite. It is 100% locally handmade with eco-friendly byproducts – by Kenyans from Kenya to the world.

Real modern styling

From Malaika-inspired bracelets, rings, chokers, to earrings, there is no end to our creative potential. Part of this boundless portfolio also includes sisal bags with kitenge fabric lining, African beads, brass ear pins, and headbands for a broad spectrum of accessories.

Malaika made its debut in the runways of Portugal Fashion Week 2021 last month, and it’s right on the pathway to disrupting your fashion marketplace no doubt.

Outfit by Anyango Mpinga
Apparel by Anyango Mpinga


Precious fashion accessories

We also made sure that Malaika does not deviate from our theme. Hence, it is a modern and dynamic spin on AD African Renaissance aesthetic that we consistently conform to. There is something more. We have engineered it for the modern and trans-generation African lovers with a warrior spirit at heart.

Founder and designer Adele Dejak said, “Thanks to everyone who came out for the Kenyan launch. It was such a pleasure to meet and greet friends and fans visiting the showroom, we loved having you and seeing you try on our new pieces, receiving your compliments on the new collection was quite the tickle,

“You all brought a radiant energy that resounded amazingly well with the artsy studio ambience. Our hope is the radiance will translate and enliven your experience with the pieces when you adorn them. We at the AD team were inspired in awe by your receivership of Malaika Collection. “

Malaika collection is vigilantly crafted to exemplify the brand’s signature style; it’s edgy, trendy, precious, and fashionable.

Malaika collection studio launch

Visit us on our website to make your order.

The Malaika set is available at Adele Dejak’s showroom in Mushroom road, Kiambu, and exclusive stores outlets that stock AD’s work. What’s more, it has been live on the website since November 5th, 2021 where it currently features a 20% discount. Re-emerge in style for the festive season and the New Year 2022!

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